The Town Mayor

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Following the Annual Meeting on Wednesday 24th May2017,

Houghton Regis Town Council is pleased to announce that Councillor Joanna
Hillyard has been elected as the Town Mayor of Houghton Regis for
2017/18.  The Deputy Mayor is Councillor Ken Wattingham


During the next year, the new mayor Councillor
Hillyard will be raising funds towards Recycled Teenagers, Streetlife and
Houghton Regis Youth Club.


Councillor Joanna Hillyard was born and grew up in London, attending
local schools there. She worked with horses until getting married and moving to
Bedfordshire in the late 1980s. Joanna  moved to Houghton Regis a few
years ago, where she can be seen volunteering at Craft and Coffee as well as
for Houghton Helpers occasionally.  Better known as Jo by people that know
her, she spends time crafting and particularly enjoys crocheting toys for her
Granddaughter Ellen.


Councillor Hillyard is looking forward to supporting Streetlife,
Houghton Regis Recycled Teenagers and the towns Youth Club in the coming year
with various Mayoral events along with Deputy Mayor Ken Wattingham.


* * * 

Do you have an event that you would like to invite the Town Mayor to attend?

If so, please contact Sarah Gelsthorp, Town Mayor’s Secretary on 01582 708540 or email





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