The Town Mayor


Following the Annual Meeting on Wednesday 18th May 2016

Houghton Regis Town Council is pleased to announce that

Councillor Chris Slough

has been elected as the

Town Mayor of Houghton Regis for 2016/17.  


A word from your Town Mayor.

“I would like to support three charities this year. The first is to offer my support to an initiative already underway, ably led by Mick Hunt and Steve Burnage, to improve wheelchair access to All Saints, by reinstating the path across the south face of the church linking the entrance to Bedford Square.

On a personal note, it is my hope that a future mayor will lead visiting dignitaries and councillors in procession from the atrium of the Community Centre (where they will have gathered) to the church for our civic services, using this footpath.  All Saints is a natural venue for our civic occasions in terms of its location, history and the role the Church in our national life.  I have visited a number of civic events in surrounding towns, and we have as much (if not more) to offer in this respect. I think we should encourage civic pride and provide an important focus for all those new people that are about to join our community.

My next charity will be to support a project involving local scouts. The scouts continue to enrich the life of young people today as they did for me in my childhood. As then, for hard pressed families they offer a challenging experience not otherwise available to young people.

Finally, I would like to offer practical support to those helping homeless young people in Houghton Regis. My experience as a teacher has led me to understand that education and employment are impossible for a young person when faced with the insecurity of homelessness.

"I would like to ask you to support these good causes by helping me to raise funds in the forthcoming year”


* * * 

Do you have an event that you would like to invite the Town Mayor to attend?

If so, please contact Sarah Gelsthorp, Town Mayor’s Secretary on 01582 708540 or email





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