Mayoral Blog
This blog is intended to show some of what it entails to be the Mayor and how quickly we need to get to grips with the roles given to us. Learning the protocols, the history behind the office and the ceremony attached to it.CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE....
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Summer Fun!!!
Well.... Summer holidays are nearly here..So Whats available for the kids.. Click on this link for more details of events coming up.....
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Pride of Houghton Awards
Do you know an individual or group of people,who deserve recognition for their efforts, skills, talents, perseverance or commitment? Why not nominate them for a Pride of Houghton Award. The closing date for entries is 29th August 2014. Click here to find out more..............
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Election of Parish Councillor
If you’re a resident of Parkside your chance to vote for a new town councillor for the ward is on: 24th July at Hawthorn Primary School. Please click on this link for more information.....
Latest News
In August 2014 the world will mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War. HRHS are holding an event in the Houghton Hall Picnic Area. Click here to find out more...
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Projects & Opportunities
Various Projects and Opportunities are happening in Houghton Reigs, Please click this link to find out more.
Projects & Opportunities
Town Crier
You should all have the latest Town Crier Edition! Don't forget to take a look at whats coming up in the next few months including our very own Carnival....or click here NOW...
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Town Council Meetings
Town Council meetings that are open to the public will be held in the Council Offices on Peel Street. The agendas for the next meetings can be found by clicking on this link plus copies can also be obtained from the office.
Town Council Meeting
Cemetery Update
The Town Council are continuing to work on the establishment of a new cemetery in Houghton Regis. More details can be found by clicking HERE.
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Bedfordshire Police Notices
Here you will find information given by police on varies matters. Click back to see latest updates.....
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Central Bedfordshire Council
Click here for information from Central Bedfordshire Council
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Houghton Regis Map
Placenames, places, people in Houghton Regis. PLUS There's loads more!Click here to see.......
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