Pride of Houghton Awards

Each year the Town Council run the Pride of Houghton Awards. Do you know an individual or group of people, young or old, who deserve recognition for their efforts, skills, talents, perseverance or commitment? Why not nominate them for a Pride of Houghton Award and let them have  the chance to get the recognition they deserve.

 Look out for nomination forms around the town and in the next edition of the Town Crier, or complete the form below.

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History of the Pride of Houghton Awards

The Pride of Houghton Scheme was set up by the Town Council in 2002 after much discussion and planning. The Council wanted to have a scheme which honoured the work of the unsung heroes of the town and the work that goes on behind the scenes which may not always be recognised. Nominations have been and are invited for people who go beyond the call of duty and who selflessly put others before themselves.

The scheme was amended in 2016 to include new categories, and highly commended nominees.



Carer (including Care Workers)

Local Group

Life time Achievement / Special Award

Young Person (Under 18)

Community Facilitator / Local Hero

Local Business or Organisation.


Nominations are invited until Monday 28th August 2017 @ 5pm and

the Awards Ceremony will be taking place on Saturday 14th October. 


Please complete the nomination form below :


Pride of Houghton Awards 2017

Do you know any individual or groups of people, young or old, who deserve recognition for their efforts, skills, perseverance or commitment? This is their chance to get the recognition that they deserve. Use the form below to forward your nominations to Houghton Regis Town Council by 28th August 2017 (by 5pm).

Nominees must be residents of Houghton Regis and nominated for their work within the town. Nominations can also be received from people outside the town and for immediate family, (nominations cannot be made for Town Council Staff, Town or Central Bedfordshire Councillors). Previous winners can be considered again.

If you prefer, you can print off a form and hand-fill it (download here) or collect a form from the Town Council offices in Peel Street, Houghton Regis.

(Please note: In the event of multiple submissions in the same category, from the same IP address, only the first submission will be entertained.)

Pride of Houghton Submission Form

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Young Person (under 18)
Carer (including care workers)
Community Facilitator Local Hero
Local Group
Local Business/organisation in Houghton Regis
Lifetime achievement/special award

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