Town Crier

Houghton Regis has its very own newsletter the Town Crier, which is delivered bi-annually to each household in the town. 

In each edition we offer 2 free business adverts, an interview with a local business & community group interview to help them publicise their activities and work.

These are allocated on a first come first served basis,

The Town Crier is used to provide information to the community.

We do not advertise any profit making group (apart the business adverts stated above) or political group.  

If you are interested in being part of the next edition of the Town Crier please contact us.

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Please CLICK on the links you find below for our recent editions of the Town Crier:


  Town Crier Spring/Summer 2020

  Town Crier Autumn/Winter 2019

 Town Crier Spring/Summer 2019

200_winter 2018.JPG Town Crier Autumn/Winter 2018


200_town crier july 18.JPG Town Crier July 2018


 200_Easter 2018.JPG  Town Crier March 2018


 200_Town crier Nov 2017.JPG   Town Crier Nov 2017


 200_Sept TC 2017.JPG  Town Crier Sept 2017


200_June tc 2017.JPG Town Crier June 2017


665_spring 17 tc.JPG  Town Crier March 2017


 200_xmas 16 tc.JPG Town Crier Dec 2016


200_Sept 2016.JPG  Town Crier Sept 2016


200_june 2016.JPG Town Crier June 2016



200_May 2016.JPG  Town Crier March 2016



 665_Christmas tc 15.jpg  Town Crier December 2015



 665_tc Sept 15 cover.jpg  Town Crier September 2015




665_june tc.jpg  Town Crier June 2015



  Town Crier March 2015



200_town crier dec.JPG  Town Crier Dec 2014


200_Town Crier 2014 sept.jpg Town Crier Sept 2014


200_JUNE tc.JPG   Town Crier June 2014


200_march tc 2014.JPG  Town Crier March 2014


200_sept tc 2013.JPGTown Crier September 2013


200_sept tc 2012.JPGTown Crier September 2012


200_JUNE 2012.JPG   Town Crier June 2012


200_Sept 2011.JPG    Town Crier September 2011

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