Town Centre Action Plan

Houghton Regis Town Centre Action Plan

As we grow and develop as a town, the council thought it necessary to review and assess how our town centre was performing, to consider how it might grow and develop with the town and how it can best support residents old and new. We used funding from government via Central Bedfordshire Council to commission a plan to be drawn up.  The Action Plan includes the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Context
  • Vision
  • Delivery
  • Acronyms

The Section ‘Delivery’ includes an Action plan for future work split into short, medium and longer term actions. The Actions are broad ranging in terms of scope, deliverability and timescales. 

This is a comprehensive and exiting Plan, once taken forward it will provide demonstrable benefits to the town as a whole and in particular the town centre.

Please see below the links to the Summary, Print and Settlement Plan:

What do you think?    It’s aspirational and exciting, isn’t it?  



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