New Cemetery Provision


As the current space within the existing cemetery off Cemetery Road continues to reduce the council have been working hard to make additional provision.

This work has been following 2 strands.

The first being the design and development of the remaining space within the current cemetery. It is intended to create a truly beautiful and peaceful area whilst providing residents with a variety of options for ashes entombment.

The design work has been completed and the area will be laid out over summer 2019. More detail can be found on this page

The second strand relates to the ongoing search for new cemetery land.

As you would expect with all the development taking place around the town, this is not proving easy. The New Cemetery Sub Committee have considered a variety of sites but for various reasons, largely geological and ownership reasons, these have proved unsuitable.

The council really do appreciate the local demand from residents for burial and interment options to be provided in the longer term within the town. We have worked hard to try and deliver this and will continue to explore options as and when they arise.

If you have any thoughts, suggestions or ideas on how and, in particular, where the council could establish a new cemetery, we would be really grateful to hear them. Please contact us. Contact details can be found here


Last updated about 5 months ago