New Cemetery Provision

The Council has been very disappointed to have had to advise that there is no further space within the cemetery for new body burials. We have been working really hard over many years to identify a new site.

Our work has been following 2 strands:

The first being the design and development of the remaining space within the current cemetery. We have created a truly beautiful and peaceful Garden of Remembrance whilst providing residents with a variety of options for ashes entombment in this area. More detail can be found on this page

The second strand relates to the ongoing search for new cemetery land.

As you would expect with all the development taking place around the town, this has not proved easy. The New Cemetery Sub Committee have considered a variety of sites but for various reasons, largely geological and ownership reasons, these have proved unsuitable.

However, the good news is that, with the help of Central Bedfordshire Council, we are hoping that a piece of land off the Thorn Road may be suitable. The land being considered is at the end of Grendall Lane, off the Thorn Road. It is appreciated that views on the suitability of this site may vary, due to the surrounding land uses, but is really does appear to be this site or that we face the possibility of the town not having a local burial ground.

On the basis that the council have heard from residents of the local demand for burial and interment options, we have decided to proceed with investigations to determine the sites environmental suitability.

An exploratory investigation has been undertaken of the ground conditions and this has been sent to the Environment Agency for preliminary consideration. Their feedback recognises that there are some significant environmental issues to overcome but with a suitable site layout and other mitigation measures these may be overcome. The Council will be considering the response from the EA shortly an will then determine next steps. 

If you have any concerns over the day long investigation or any preliminary thoughts on the potential development of this site as a cemetery, pls do contact the council.

Last updated about 3 years ago