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 July 2023 Houghton Regis Neighbourhood Plan Update

Following on from February’s update, Houghton Regis Town Council’s Draft Neighbourhood Plan was the subject of a Regulation 14 ‘light touch public consultation’ which started on Monday 23rd January 2023 and ended on the 20th March 2023.

Following this, the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group met on the 4th April 2023, to discuss the responses to the consultation and to agree to minor amendments of the plan.

Amendments to the plan were made with the amended plan being presented to the Town Council's planning committee at their meeting held on the 24th April 2023.

Members of the planning committee supported the amended plan and resolved to recommend to Town Council its approval, for submission to Central Bedfordshire Council.

The planning committee requested this recommendation be presented to Town Council at its meeting in May so as not to wait any longer. Recommendations to either Council or other Committees, are usually considered following the approval of the minutes of the meeting where the recommendation was made. However, due to the length of time this project has taken to get to this submission stage (the Town Council appointed a planning consultant to support the development of the plan on the 16th May 2016), members of the planning committee felt it important to get this recommendation supported as soon as possible.

The Town Council’s Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to Central Bedfordshire Council, following the Town Council’s approval at their AGM on the 17th May. Central Bedfordshire Council now takes over moving the plan to referendum. In order to get to referendum, Central Bedfordshire Council need to publicise the plan proposal (Regulation 16) by way of public consultation.

Central Bedfordshire Council have confirmed the following. The Regulation 16 consultation will commence on Friday 7th July 2023 and end on Friday 1st September 2023.

The Steering Group are pleased to see the plan get to this stage. It has been a long and winding road with some curve balls thrown in for good measure. I send my thanks to those members of the Steering Group who have supported the production of the plan and in particular to those who have stayed with it, from beginning to end. I also send my thanks to residents and interested parties who have taken the time to respond to both public consultations and have helped shape the polices and aspirations that are contained within the document itself.

Here’s hoping for a successful referendum which, fingers crossed, could be late 2023/early 2024.

David Gibbons Chair, Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

Click here for:  Draft Neighbourhood Plan

Local Green Space Designation Report

SEA Screening Determination Statement

Consultation Statement


The expansion that happened in the 1960’s changed Houghton Regis from a small village into a town, but a town that was more like a large village. The changes currently proposed will change it into a large town.

In order to cope and prosper, many other things will need to change, and it is only fair and right that the people most affected—those who live and/or work in the town—should have a say in those changes.

You can also click on the link below which will take you to the Facebook Page where you can join the group to keep up to date with all the latest information...


If you would like to be part of this process,

please contact the Town Council on 01582 708544 or email



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