At the Central Bedfordshire Council Development Management Committee meeting on 22nd July 2015 the following planning application was granted approval subject to various planning conditions:

Planning Application No. CB/15/00297/OUT

Address : Land West of Bidwell (Houghton Regis North Site 2), Houghton Regis

Outline ‘hybrid’ planning application with details of main access routes, primary road network and associated drainage in detail only and layout in outline with details of landscaping, appearance and scale reserved for later determination. Development to comprise: Up to 1,850 residential (C3) dwellings (including affordable housing), 2FE Primary School (D1), employment land (Use Classes B1 [a-c], B2 & B8), local centre comprising retail (A1, A2, A3, A4 & A5) and community/leisure uses (D1 & D2), layout of public open spaces including sports pitches and changing rooms, natural wildlife areas and all associated works and operations including engineering operations and earthworks.


For further details on this area please visit Central Bedfordshire Councils website by clicking on the following link:

Central Bedfordshire Council Planning Pages 

and typing in Bidwell West in to the search by address section.



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