Houghton Regis Quarry


Houghton Regis Chalk Pit is our town’s very own local nature reserve. It is a 100 acre former quarry, now home to rare wildlife and habitats and a green space for local people to enjoy. 

The site is a privately owned Site of Special Scientific Interest. A few years ago the Wildlife Trust were asked to get involved in proactive management of the site, and the Local Authority were able to support that through funds generated by planned development in the area. Unfortunately the arrangement came to an end some time ago, and although CBC have made several efforts to work with the owners to improve the management of the site, they have not been able to secure any agreement from them for works to take place.

Both Central Bedfordshire Council and Natural England, the government’s agency that deals with SSSIs and their management, are involved in discussions with the owners.


What to look for  

The Chalk Pit In spring, and summer, many special butterflies can be spotted flitting among the wildflowers. The beautiful Chiltern Gentian carpets the reserve in its thousands in late summer, making Houghton Regis Chalk Pit the best place in Britain to see this nationally scarce wildflower. Great crested newts and dragonflies can also be found here in abundance, attracted to the pools and streams. Orchids can be found at the Chalk Pit and migrant birds arrive here to breed – such as the exceptionally rare Turtle Dove holds many different habitats - including chalk grassland, a limestone lake, broadleaved woodland and wetland. 


Come and visit!  Access onto the nature reserve is on foot only, via the public footpath accessible from Lake View, off Houghton Road (LU5 5GJ). 






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