Houghton Regis Cemetery

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The Cemetery is open to the public throughout the year but the Council reserves the right to exclude the public if it should be necessary at any time. 

Houghton Regis Town Council manages the Houghton Regis Cemetery and takes pride in maintaining it to a high standard and creating an atmosphere of peace and calm. The cemetery is managed in accordance with approved Cemetery Regulations.

Visitors to the Cemetery are asked to observe the regulations governing the Cemetery. 

Enquiries concerning the Cemetery can be made to: 

Houghton Regis Town Council, Peel Street, Houghton Regis, Beds LU5 5EY 

Tel: 01582 708540              E-mail: info@houghtonregis.org.uk

For cemetery fees please click HERE

Cemetery Regulation click HERE

The Registers and records relating to the Cemetery are available, by appointment, for inspection at the Council Offices.

Please telephone or email to make an appointment.

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Extended Cemetery Provision - Update

The Town Council has been honoured to have been able to offer residents of the Town a tranquil cemetery in which to inter loved ones and to visit them in due course.  It is acknowledged that the Cemetery is a valued facility within the town and the Council are committed to ensuring this continues.

Inevitably as time has progressed the Cemetery has become increasingly occupied. In planning for the future the Town Council has sought to secure a new cemetery site through emerging planning applications and though investigations into existing areas of green open space to see if they could be converted. It was with deep regret that the Council were not successful in securing a new cemetery site within the plans for Linmere (HRN1) and HRN2 and although hope remains that other land in proximity to these developments may come forward in due course it cannot be guaranteed. Residents can be assured that the Council will continue to monitor and explore options as they arise in future years.

However the need remains to provide interment space within the town. To meet this challenge within the confines of the existing cemetery the Council has worked with a cemetery design expert to maximise the space and opportunities available within the current site and plans have been drawn up to utilise the area to the right of the main entrance gateway.

Over the summer / autumn this area will be transformed into a memorial garden with paved walkways, peaceful reflective areas and a variety of cremated remains entombment (above ground) options / styles.

It is with deep and genuine regret that the Council had to come to the difficult decision to cease full body burials once the existing body burial space has been completed. Whilst it is acknowledged that this may present a great disappointment to some as personal burial choices may not be able to be met within a person’s home town, the Council is confident that the high specification design of the new area will provide an exceptionally beautiful and tranquil entombment space for many years to come. It is hoped that this new area will provide for entombment space for generations to come.

This illustration shows the design for this new area. Work will commence this summer / autumn and it is hope that the space will be available for entombments towards the end of 2019.

Last updated about 2 months ago