Councillor Abby Slough

image of Abby Slough


Abby has lived in Houghton Regis all her life. She is a qualified teacher and now works in special education, teaching locally. She graduated with a Bachelor of Education (Hons) degree from the university of Hertfordshire. Abby enjoys going to festivals and playing the saxophone. Living near Houghton Hall Park with her partner has meant they can both keep fit and enjoy Houghton's best facilities. Fundraising has been part of Abby's life for as long as she can remember- starting with raising school funds at boot sales as a child and more recently fundraising for charities such as SNOOSC, Dunstable Fire Station and Kids In Action. 

Why you stood as a Councillor:

One of the reasons Abby stood as a councillor is that she believes it is important for young people to have their voice heard in decision making. This begins by finding ways to engage young people. 

Sport and music have played a huge part in Abby's life. She says "participating in sport and music can bring great benefits to individuals and to our community as a whole. Physical and mental wellbeing is developed by taking part in these activities and they are both enjoyable as well!"

What are you hoping to achieve:

Even though funding will always be in short supply, she believes Houghton needs good quality sporting facilities that meet the needs of our residents and the new housing development offer opportunities to address this problem- the views of residents must be heard. 

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