Councillor Clare Copleston

image of Clare Copleston


As a local resident and professional businesswomen with a demonstrated history specialising in mental health and working within the Health and social care industry. Clare went on to study at the University of Bedfordshire where she became a qualified teacher of mental health studies and an activist in promoting good quality care standards and best practice, enabling choice, independence and dignity.

Clare is passionate about and believes that every human being has a right to lead a dignified life, and that we all have a common responsibility and opportunity to strengthen the dignity of others. 

Why you stood as a councillor

As a local businesswomen who responded to the needs of the community by setting up the first,  3rd party Hate Crime reporting centre and the first activities lead mental health peer support service in Houghton Regis.  I am passionate and committed to empowering local people while creating a movement of fairness, opportunity and compassion. Contributing to positive change for an improved quality of life for all.


What are you hoping to achieve

As a recently elected new councillor I am truly honoured to have this opportunity to serve the local community.

Dignity should be the foundation for human interaction and I am fully dedicated to improving and raising awareness of the importance of our actions and how it can impact on others. I hope to work with local residents to build community cohesion, enabling better choices, fairness and services that are fit for purpose and that meet the needs of our community.

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