Councillor Michelle Herber

image of Michelle Herber

"I was born in Luton and moved to Houghton Regis in 1983 after my marriage so I have lived in the town for some 40 years.

I hold a degree in psychology, and I am a people person and like to help people where I can. I am a hobby cake baker for friends, family but have also donated many charity cakes to the L&D hospital, Macmillan, Breast Cancer, Children in Need fund raising events and frequently send in cakes for hungry hospital porters.
We do a joint neighbour Halloween display event every year for the local children giving out over 500 bags of sweets on our October 22 Halloween Fest, which the local children love. We enjoy watching the joy and awe on children’s faces as they walk through the animated Halloween display."

Why did you stand as a councillor:

"Through the Town Council and as a councillor I will look to help secure improvements in Houghton Regis to improve people’s quality of life and improvements in the area in which we live in.
For residents and for me personally living in the area, we have the constant nuisance of speeding/racing cars on the new A5/M1 link road in addition to the speeds of vehicles across all our roads in the town.
We also have the nuisance of illegal motorcycle riders on our roads across the whole of Houghton Regis that have no care for other road users or for the safety of pedestrians when they ride their motorcycles on pedestrian footpaths. I hope as councillors, we can help to address this town wide problem.
Those that live in Houghton Regis deserve a better quality of life, environment in which we live, recreational facilities and opportunities for young people."

What are you hoping to achieve during your term in office:

"To work with all Town Councillors to address town problem of nuisance motorcycle riders, speeding vehicles on local residential roads and new Woodside Link road being used as a racetrack.
To ensure as councillors we try to make the best decisions to get the best value for money for Houghton Regis council tax payers and that a fairer amount of CBC money is spent on our area. Residents of Houghton Regis should be treated equally and the needs of the community recognised.
To protect our open green spaces for community leisure activities and general use for residents as play areas for children. Having a nicer environment and also residents feeling safer in our town, we need more visible policing in our town to address crime. Speaking to many residents the issue of a new cemetery, fly tipping, dog waste is a concern for residents. Improvements to the area to put the pride back into our town." 

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