Councillor Tracey McMahon

image of Tracey McMahon

Cllr McMahon and her family are long standing residents of Houghton Regis.

Her family moved here in the 1960s and Tracey stayed and raised her family here.

Tracey is active in the local community being involved in the Wildlife Trust at Houghton Regis Quarry, Craft and Coffee, the Houghton Regis Heritage Society and was previously the Chair of the Houghton Regis Leisure Centre Action Group (HRLCAG).

She has worked in administration and retail.  

Through her involvement in the HRLCAG Tracey felt that to be able to ‘effect change you have to be change’ and as such stood for election to help the community to be heard, to bring the community together and to work with the Council team to secure improvements for residents. 

Of particular interest to Tracey is support and encouragement of young people, issues of fly tipping and dog waste, to help those disaffected and to seek to put the Pride back into Houghton. 

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