Councillor Susan Thorne

image of Susan Thorne


I have been a Councillor for four years, this is my second round of another four years. I have three grown up sons and grandchildren, the Salvation Army is my Christian home. I also volunteer  for Hospice at Home and Houghton Regis Helpers. I worked as a carer and in retail but I am now retired. 

Why you stood as a councillor: 

I enjoy being with people of all ages. If I can help people improve their lives then I am happy. Working together as a team- then as a council is very important. This next four years is a wonderful opportunity to accomplish this. 

What are you looking to achieve: 

I would like to be a school governor. I am looking forward to seeing the finished results of all the building going on in Houghton Regis , particularly All Saints voew. I want to go on any training programmes to improve my skills. 

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