Council Policies & Procedures

Policy Documents (in process of being updated)

Alcohol, drugs and substance mis-use 

Annual Report

Banking Investment Strategy

Banking Arrangements, Investment Strategy and Investment Arrangements

Bullying & Harassment at Work

Capability policy

Cemetery Regulations


Safefguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults Policy

Code of Conduct HRTC

Code of Conduct Complaint Handling 

Code of Conduct Decision Notices

Committee Functions

Committe Functions Town Partnership

Communication Policy

Complaints Procedure HRTC

Co-option Policy & Procedure

Data Protection Act 1998

Disciplinary Procedure

Equality & Diversity Policy

Eyecare Policy

Financial Regulations

Flexible Working Policy

Freedom of Information 

Freeman and FreeWoman Policy

Fraud & Ethics Policy

Grievance Procedure HRTC

Health & Safety at Work Policy

Internal Audit Specification

Internal Audit Planning, Reporting & Review Policy

Internal Control Report

IT Use Policy

Late Payment and Bad Debts Policy

Leave Entitlements

Local Government Pension Scheme, Employer Discretion Policy Statement

Mayrol Robes Policy

Model Publication Scheme

Officer Member Protocol

Press Protocols

Recruitment & Selection Policy

Retirement Policy & Flexible Retirement

Risk Management Strategy & Schedule

Sickness & Absence Policy

Scheme of Delegation

Social Media Policy

Staff Appraisal

Staff Induction Process

Standing Orders

Statutory Functions Policy

Stress Policy

Training Statement of intent

Vision Update


Volunteering Policy

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