Houghton Regis Allotments

The Town Council have been working hard with local developers Bellway Homes to create a new allotment site in HRN2.

The town has not had the benefit of an allotment site and we know that there are many keen growers out there who will be delighted to hear this news.

At the time of writing the site is being prepared and then there will be a legal process to complete for the land to be passed to HRTC. With a fair wind we are really hopeful that the site will be available from early next year.

At the moment we aren’t creating a waiting list but are inviting expressions of interest from local people. Once the site is available, we will contact all on this list to see if they remain keen to have a plot.

If you would like to express your interest in having a plot please follow the link below to download a form or print the form off and return it to the Council Ofiice, Peel street.

Allotment Interest Form

Last updated about 1 month ago