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Main Council

  • Annual Town Meeting

  • Annual Meeting of the Town Council 



  • Corporate Services

  • Environment & Leisure

  • Planning

  • Additional Planning Information 
  • Community Services

  • Grievance Committee

  • Town Partnership 


Sub Committees

  • Accounts Sub-Committee

  • Complaints Sub-Committee
  • Personnel Sub-Committee 
  • New Office Sub Committee


Working Groups

  • Events Working Group

  • Combating Crime Working Group

  • New Cemetery Working Group

  • Sports & Recreation Working Group


The Town Council has had the privilege of working with a number of residents over recent years who have put themselves forward to become co-opted members on various committees, subcommittees and working groups.  

The Town Council would like to extend thanks and appreciation to these dedicated volunteers who have given their time, commitment and continued support to the council. 


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